When It Rains, It Pours

One day, we’re going to look back and laugh at these days.

The fact that our two short years in the mountains have already been punctuated by (in this order) the final chapter of an epic drought, a catastrophic wildfire, an unprecedented tree mortality epidemic, and now…

A flood of biblical proportions?

Remember when we went camping at this spot?

Remember when we went camping at this spot?

Seriously, I want to laugh about this. I look damn forward to the day. 

I am going to crack myself the f#@% up, remembering how we decided to drive to our cabin from Fresno on a Sunday morning of a holiday weekend to check in on our “damp basement.” All seemed surprisingly calm when we got there, but then…

YET ANOTHER “atmospheric river hit.”

I’m going to double over remembering how we watched the water bubble up THROUGH the basement floor. It’s going to be so hysterical, thinking back to how we stood out in the rain and the mud, digging ditches to drain it all away from our house, down into the forest to the newly-formed river that used to be our fire road.

I’m going to fondly recall how we discovered mold all over everything porous, and threw it all away in a wet late-night frenzy. How we were certain our ceiling was infested with black mold (oh, the horror!), and we raced to the hardware store to arm ourselves with $100 worth of protective gear for an all-out remediation…

Well, it LOOKED scary...

Well, it LOOKED scary…

…only to find out that it wasn’t mold after all, and that we wasted hours standing in an indoor stream, in an unheated basement crawling with centipedes, scrubbing what was effectively just grime onto our own faces.

Ha! Silly us.

I’m going to long for the days I bundled up to tear moldy insulation out of my walls around seeping basement doors and windows, hacking together makeshift protection against the incoming deluge…

This was my serious weekend engineering triumph. Really rather proud of how I saved our studs and plywood (the windows, though, are definitely getting replaced.

This was my serious weekend engineering triumph. Really rather proud of how I saved our studs and plywood (the windows, though, are definitely getting replaced).

One day, I’m sure I just won’t be able to contain myself over the HILARITY of how we left the house on Monday afternoon, confident everything was tied up tight, sure we’d be home in time to hit the dry cleaners before they closed.

Sure of it. 

And then we drove straight through a washout on Highway 4.

River after river. After river. After river. Rendering the landscape unrecognizable.


How we remarked – “thank god we have a car that can handle this!”

An easier part of our drive.

An easier part of our drive.

Just moments before our windshield wipers quit working. Two-plus hours (and two inches of rain) from home.

And when we finally walked in the door, ready to collapse, we opened the door to the basement laundry room to dispose of our moldy clothes only to discover what?

You guessed it. The floodwaters followed us.


Seriously – it’s going to be HILARIOUS.

It’s just not yet. 😐

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7 thoughts on “When It Rains, It Pours

  1. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    Yet I am laughing as I read it. The only way to cope with disaster is to retain your sense of humor. And you have your dad’s “engineer gene”. Your window solution was ingenious. Bet it stays dry. Your sister is right. I don’t care what comes your way, you rise to the challenge. What’s next? Juggling knives?

    Mother Nature has a way of reminding us we are never really in control. I guess the best thing to do is just hold on and and roll with it. And keep laughing. Well, maybe not yet. But in a few years.

    I will keep praying for you and for your neighbors and for the rain to STOP! Love you!

  2. You have a place here should you need to evacuate!

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