Good Stuff

Here is a post of full of nothing but adorable photos of my dog…


Because honestly, my head is crowded with so much stressful crap still right now, I cannot stand to think of anything other than this:


My dog. The perfect creature, impervious to stress in any form other than the kind I inflict on him by not loving him enough.

(I mean, that’s TOTALLY in his head; I love him infinity x infinity, dammit…)

Happy, in the midst of a huge snowstorm. Snowing right into my basement/garage, which is standing open now after the flood for another two weeks, to dry out in the freezing cold. Closing it up is not an option.



Thank god my friend took some cute dog pics for me this weekend while I was mopping and de-insulating and sweeping and cleaning and organizing and being a shitty HUMAN. Ugh. So I never have to be separated from this therapeutic face. It’s keepin’ me hanging on…


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3 thoughts on “Good Stuff

  1. don says:

    Dogs are the best! Hi Sammy!!

    -uncle Don

  2. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    That dog is the handsomest little creature I have ever seen! (Okay, maybe I am gushing because I am just a proud doggy-grandma, but I think not!) He has a face for a pet food commercial or maybe he should work for the Humane Society. He could convince anyone to get a dog! I see he was up to his favorite “coffee table game”, chasing the ball around the coffee table. Isn’t it amazing how a few minutes with a dog is so therapeutic? They can drop your blood pressure and your anxiety level down better than medication. So, when the rain keeps pouring down and the appliances don’t work, go grab your little dog and remind yourself that life is still good. Love you all!

  3. […] opening up to swallow me whole, without any hocus-pocus of my own, the curse appeared to lift. The flooding stopped; the wounds […]

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