Return of Madness

Oh. My. GAWD.

The Michigan men’s basketball team beat Wisconsin yesterday 71-56 to become the first-ever 8-seeded Big Ten tourney champions.


Underdog amazeballs! (photo: Detroit Free Press)

And if that WEREN’T ENOUGH…

They did it after SURVIVING A F#@$ING PLANE CRASH. The WHOLE TEAM! The goddamn plane crashed while they were taking off for Washington D.C. to go play in said conference tourney. And they STILL went on to win it as the ultimate underdogs. 

Okay. It’s been four years now since I bled out maize and blue on the living room floor, watching the 2013 Wolverines ALMOST write the final, glorious chapter in my bitter, bittersweet love story with the team (and, consequently, I wrote probably my favorite blog post ever about it all).

Now, I’ve got another team poised to enter the tourney as underdogs. Having defied all odds. And not just all the BASKETBALL odds –


ALL odds.

This could be my team. This could be the group of young men who finally gives big TW the big W he’s been waiting for, from his courtside seat at the great gig in the sky.

Round 1 hasn’t even happened yet and I know I could be majorly jinxing them and it could all be over before the weekend and YES I am pounding every body part I can on my wooden desk as I type… But they just might be the team.

And I’m gonna go ahead and put my faith in them that they are…


We’ll be watching. Again. Both of us.

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One thought on “Return of Madness

  1. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    Oh my goodness! I had forgotten about those past championship games and what they meant to you and your dad. But I will not forget him, or the obnoxious way he cheered for the Maize and Blue (I have broke furniture to show for it!), or the fact that you and Sarah inherited his “Maize and Blue Streak”. We trained you to be fans from a young age. Apparently it worked. I bet you will be wearing that jersey when they play again this week. And I will be watching, too. Old b-ball fans never die. They just go to that big basketball court in the sky where they make three pointers and wait for the rest of us fans to get there. Keep the faith, Lisa, keep the faith.

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