Nada: Pt. 2

We’re a quarter of the way through 2017, and I’m reflecting on my year of “no plans” so far.

And actually, I think I’m doing pretty good. That is — I’m not doing a lot.

I’m calling my “no plans resolution” for 2017 a success still at this point. Yes, I’ve planned a COUPLE things — I’m not gonna lie. But literally, just a couple. And I certainly didn’t plan them like I USED to plan things.

Here’s the high-level overview:


1. Protest week in Washington D.C., and really this doesn’t count because it was planned back in 2016. So there.


2. Irish Days weekend in Murphys. And, to be fair, I barely PLANNED it — I just sent a casual text to some folks that we were going. And some folks actually came with. I didn’t even buy any groceries for the weekend, for crying out loud. My friends showed up and taught me how to make sushi! #friendwin

Winning! In green!

3. Meeting baby Arthur Braidman, only because there was no way I was not going to hop on the meal train and make a plan to meet our friends Jon and Allison’s new little nugget.

Snuggle nugget.

4. Nothing else.



1. Breakfast with Scott + Kristen + the kids on Alameda.

These kids.

2. Protest in SF Civic Center and vegan food after with Marlene in downtown Oakland.

I wanna protest every night… And protest every day!

3. Dinner at Troy + Rhea’s and meeting baby Christian (planned by Trent; this was my inaugural Trent-planning adventure; I had a hard time adjusting but it was a breakthrough).

That smile. 🙂

4. Weekend with Roni + Quincy at the cabin. I’m saying RONI planned this because she asked to come up and suggested the date (and brought hella delicious beer). And all I did was hang out and wait for her. Right on, girl.

Trent’s arm is broken here and we don’t know it yet. A glass of wine is obviously medicinal.

5. Scott’s birthday party in Fresno.

Still playin’ the pong…

6. Weekend with Marco + Giovanna at the cabin (planned by Trent; Take 2 went much smoother).

Little people, big trees.

7. Don + Emma’s baby shower.


8. Barbecue in Niles with Julie + Liam and the crew.

First BBQ of the season.

9. Lindsey’s artist talk at Studio Gallery and Mexican food and beers after with friends.

She crushed it.

= A great Q1!!!

= Why was I so obsessed with planning so much shit again?

I think this is my formula from now on; I’ll plan something to look forward to every other month or so; otherwise, it’s just roll with the tide of life. Be ready for what it carries with it.

And I’m not just saying that because I just planned a weekend visit to see my sister and a June camping trip. I’m sorry – there’s no way I’m going into the best months in California without a campsite reserved. I HAD TO.

WHATEVER. My formula works.

So far…

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One thought on “Nada: Pt. 2

  1. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    Awesome photos! Gramps and I will enjoy them again and again. An unplanned life is worth living. Life is what happens when you are making other plans. And you didn’t let natural disasters, broken arms, broken cars or broken appliances stop you. Quarter One is a success by any standards. Plan less, do more. and have more fun. Snuggle nugget. You should write a book. Love it! Love you all! Enjoy life!

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