SuperHubs is back in one piece!

Haven’t seen that arm in two months!

He got his cast off a few days ago; with it went a whole lot of dead skin, but other than that, his arm is healing “remarkably well”. In fact, the doctors were astonished by how well he healed the notoriously pesky “nightstick fracture“. He has unusually “flexible bones,” apparently, and it helped him avoid surgery and another six weeks of physical therapy.


So, he is slooowwwly getting back on his guitar, trying to loosen up his wrist which, after being trapped in the full-arm 90-degree cast for the first five weeks, is CRAZY stiff and making him a little cranky. He’s not quite up to full speed, but my SuperHubs with only 1.5 appendages is still pretty Super. I cannot complain.

Especially because we learned he had a broken arm before, about eight years ago, and he never saw a doctor for it.

Every time this guy gets an x-ray, he finds out about an untreated broken bone from his past. Almost exactly five years ago, when we were moving into our then-new house and Trent was on crutches, the doctor looked at his x-ray quizzically, and informed us he had broken his foot about ten years prior to that.

Apparently my man is not a wimp. So…

If he needs a little more time to heal from this, he will get it.

I can at least have all the two-armed hugs I want again in the meantime…

Hugs so good!

The best!

I’ve missed this!

No more pokey scrapey cast!

Love this guy. ❤

That’s been the thing I’ve missed the most.

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3 thoughts on “Unbroken

  1. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    In spite of everything, you are the two luckiest people in the world! Not very many people find a love like that in a lifetime. And how smart you are to realize what you have. The rest of us could take a lesson from you two. We should all go hug someone we love today. With both arms. Very hard.

    And try to be more careful, Trent!

    Hugs to you all!

  2. […] while dealing with a ton of his own drama, like having a broken arm and being in a shoulder-high cast, and having a family that tortures him (more on that later – […]

  3. […] But then, after about four months of torment, just as the gates of hell seemed to be opening up to swallow me whole, without any hocus-pocus of my own, the curse appeared to lift. The flooding stopped; the wounds healed. […]

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