First Days

Today was Trent’s first day at his big NEW JOB.

The last time he changed jobs, I took this adorable picture of him…

Backpack strapped on, all ready to go to work in the morning. Full of excitement. He looked so much like a smiling school boy – it was almost too much for my heart. For a second there, I could almost identify with “parents”…

Anyway, I had to do it again this year, four years later…

He looks a little less “school boy” now, and that’s fitting. Now I see a seasoned pro, ready for the BIG ROLE; the leader, who’s been around the block, and deserves the big paycheck he successfully argued for in a cut-throat salary negotiation.

But my heart is still bursting, nonetheless.

He grew SO much in his last role, over these past four years. It pushed him so far out of his comfort zone. But no one is more self-aware than my Trent; no one is a better self-improver. He responded to every challenge (and there were a lot!), he looked inward constantly, he asked for advice, he took advice, he took his OWN advice…

He did everything right.

He is a different, better man than he was that day he strapped on the backpack in the first photo. Stronger, wiser, more respected, MORE self-aware (better compensated!)…

But he’s also the same man, in all the right ways.

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2 thoughts on “First Days

  1. Go Trent! Hope he rocked the first day! So excited for him!

  2. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    What a wonderful assessment of a wonderful man. You are both very self aware, and that will make you great citizens of the world. It starts within and spreads from there. He is a wise man who learns from experience, who looks inward, and who seeks advice when needed.I can’t wait to see what he will do with it! This photo reminds me of your “first day of school pictures” that I would take every year when you headed out the door to start a new year. Backpack in place. With a ready attitude and a spirit of adventure. And look how far you have come! Go Trent!

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