5 – Another One

This past weekend, while Trent and I were in the middle of…

  • Cleaning and touching up our 100-year-old redwood patio furniture
  • Refinishing our enormous custom-built cedar deck box
  • RE-refinishing our enormous custom-built cedar deck box, after we woke up to find the finish had gelatinzed (is that a word?) overnight
  • Repairing our broken sprinkler heads (our gardening team is great, but they nevertheless murder the sprinkler heads, every season)
  • Repainting all the pressure-treated lumber in our landscaping, and…
  • Repairing and rerouting our gutters, now that it’s actually RAINED IN CALIFORNIA and we understand where the water from our roof goes (in short: not where it should)

…all to get 3675 ready for a summer of TOTAL RELAXATION and ZERO HOME IMPROVEMENT…

…it occurred to me:

We’ve lived in our house for exactly five years. 

We closed on 3675 on May 4, 2012: just shy of our one-year wedding anniversary. We moved in on June 1, 2012: the day before my 34th birthday.

So, in honor of five years in this almost-100-years-old sometimes-nightmare of a near-dream home which we love to hate because we do love it, I’m reliving my top five 3675 moments.

Here goes!

5. That time I figured out that having a house surrounded by rose bushes is hardly romantic.

Bright side: Mario the Gardener is in my life now…

4. That time the bathroom project simply would. not. end.

Oh, the dreaded grout. Surrounding the tiny, tiny tiles. Meaning there was SO much of it to annoy me.

3. That time when we realized we will never be able to eat the apples from our tree:


2. That time all the shit from the kitchen drain line came through our bedroom ceiling:

Randy tearing out our bedroom ceiling.

Good ol’ Randy lets ‘er rip.

And, my very, very favorite…

1. That time we found out the entire back of the house was EFFED:

Ewan McGregor crawling out of the toilet in the movie Trainspotting.

Yup. Kinda like that.

Ahhhh. What an amazing adventure these fives years have been. Makes me wanna just go marathon some HGTV (no – seriously, it does).

Now, lest this post sound negative, let’s end with a snap of one of my 2017 rose bushes:


3675, we love you. Here’s to at least 20 more years, because this is the Bay Area, and there ain’t no place else for us to go. ❤

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2 thoughts on “5 – Another One

  1. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    There’s no place like home, Dorothy! And you have made it into a beautiful place to live! If anybody could take on that challenge, it was you and Trent! I must confess, I did not envy you. Had my fill of home improvement projects a long time ago, but I admire those who are up to the task. It is a beautiful little place of respite in the middle of the big city, and a haven for you and Trent and Sammy. In celebration of your “house-iversary” you should spend a weekend binge watching HGTV. Have a few drinks while you are at it. Congratulations!

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