Trent and I have been married for 6 years today: May 21. And we had our best anniversary celebration yet, I think.

It’s not hard to outdo our anniversary each year; we don’t usually do a whole lot for it. It falls at a very “eventful” time of year as-is: one week before Memorial Day (when we always travel to D.C. to visit my sister), and two weeks before my birthday.

But we do always try to do something – something special, in the style of Team Temple.

Team Temple ain’t all about fancy dinners, or extravagant gifts. We avoid all that jazz not just on our anniversary, but in life in general. We are, however, definitely all about…

  • Beer
  • The Sierra Nevada mountains
  • Swimming holes
  • Dogs
  • Rock n’ roll
  • Beer

The weather was gloriously “summer” up at our cabin, and so we spent our anniversary weekend hiking to some new spots (with our beloved furchild), scouting out potential swimming holes for summer, drinking beer outdoors, and listening to classic rock at our local gold country saloon.

Hiking the equestrian loop around San Antonio Creek for the first time.

Convincing our water-hating pup we still love him, after dragging him across the creek.

Handsome hubs digging the band at the saloon Saturday night.

Sunday adventure into the Stanislaus canyon south of our house; we took in some beautiful new (to us) views.

We even discovered what we think will be a new favorite swimming hole, once the whitewater recedes this summer…

It was perfect. Especially because…

We each even had a “marriage fail” in the course of the weekend. Trent suggested I drink some celebratory whiskey on Saturday night. He forgot that he’s the person who’s supposed to protect me from whiskey (he swore it to me about a year ago). And we both got to pay for it in the AM.

And I completely underestimated the extent of our Sunday “adventure”. I probably shouldn’t have suggested we embark on a search for a legendary swimming hole in 94-degree heat while hungover from said whiskey shot, without enough water in the car and no real directions other than “turn left”.


We found it.

My hangover is gone (almost).

SuperHubs is making us dinner now back home in Oakland, like SuperHubs do.

And I am still smiling about it all.

Heres to many more years of making bad decisions in dive bars and too much adventuring with this awesome man.

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One thought on “6

  1. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    Ah, you are a woman of simple tastes. I think you definitely get your “adult beverage gene” from your parents. Your dad loved beer, and neither of us could tolerate whiskey very well. Remember the story about New Year’s Eve at Mort’s??? And then there was that Tupperware party with the Jack Daniel’s punch where I had to stop the car on the way home to, well, whatever. But enough about that.

    The pics of your adventure reveal gorgeous places and a great weekend for your anniversary celebration. I genuinely wish I could be in each and every one of those places with you. I hope I can get to some more of them one day.

    I am particularly fond of the dive bar tradition and have adopted it for myself (note your birthday invitation). And the black and white photo of Trent makes it look even more “divey”. Again, the memory of you guys in the Blues Bar in Bayfield also comes back to me. And the Port Costa “event” with the giant burrito. Witness the fact that you make great memories for all of us! (They all seem to involve adult beverages, don’t they??)

    I am glad you are finally able to enjoy summer in the mountains (not too wet and not too dry right now), thank goodness! And that you take the time to embrace this beautiful world in which we live. Here’s to more great adventures and swimming holes and mountain hikes in the years to come. May God bless you on this journey!



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