Memorial Bay v.2

Happy holiday weekend!

Our 2016 Memorial Day weekend itinerary was such a success, we made good on our promise to repeat it this year:

PART 1: Fancy hotel in D.C. between Dupont and U Street for a night of party-party
PART 2: Bayside cottage for a very different night of party-party
PART 3: Quiet night in Alexandria at Sarah and Payton’s place with family

We did, however, make a couple notable improvements:

First, we upgraded our room at our favorite hotel, the Kimpton Mason + Rook. We also checked out the very tasty on-site patio bar + restaurant (after free wine happy hour, of course) to get our weekend started off right.

Getting the party started in The District.

(but not so right that we didn’t make a late-night stop at our favorite falafel joint at 3:00 AM…)

Second, we discovered, BY FAR, the greatest dive bar in Washington D.C. I mean, maybe even the greatest dive bar EVER?

For $20, Dan’s Cafe serves you a pint of cheap liquor and a mixer in a PLASTIC SQUEEZY BOTTLE (like the kind fast food restaurants put ketchup in – for realz). They actually make you pay a $5 deposit on said squeezy bottles.

There’s an old man who sits on a stool in front of a fan in the back of the bar and collects and returns the deposit money. He doesn’t speak otherwise. The bathroom floor is downright MISSING; the toilet just rises right out of the jaws of hell on a rusted hunk of metal. You have to balance on it to pee.

It was 102 degrees in this place. I was dehydrated, drinking vodka out of a plastic squeezy bottle, singing Whitney Houston tunes at the top of my lungs and making SURE I didn’t have to pee a second time.

Squeezy squeezy!

I mean, this place was like nothing I’ve ever experienced anywhere else. Anywhere. ANYWHERE!

And I have been to my share of shitty dive bars.

And it was actually in D.C.

It was amazing.

Third, we upgraded our Saturday rental on Chesapeake Bay to something right on the water, with a baller front porch.

Arriving at our digs in Tracys Landing Saturday afternoon. Lotta naps. Lotta naps.

It was JUST what we all needed after Dan’s Cafe.

And lastly, we upgraded our party in the bay by adding a new spot to the roster, that – believe it or not – was sort of the Chesapeake equivalent to Dan’s Cafe:

Welcome to Happy Harbor!

Happy Harbor is the kind of place where a dude storms into the bar carrying an American flag on a pole that he has clearly just ripped off of someone’s house; hardware still hanging and everything. And you spend the rest of the night trying not to get knocked unconscious by it or get your eye gouged out.


We simply love Memorial “Bay” weekend, Sarah and Payton, and this little tradition. See you all in 2018 when, believe it or not, we will try to up the ante yet again.


See all our pics of Memorial “Bay” 2017 here.

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4 thoughts on “Memorial Bay v.2

  1. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    Awesome! You and Sarah have strangely similar looks on your faces! Family resemblance! I can’t believe the best dive bar ever is in DC??? Okay, why does drinking booze out of a squeeze bottle in a bar with a shitty bathroom sound like so much fun???? Certainly a contrast to your elegant bayside digs! And Happy Hour at Happy Harbor sounds delightfully patriotic. Wish I could have been there! Memorial Day is a true “memorial” to some really good and trash times. Well done kids. You do a mother proud. So glad you can all have so much fun together, and that you can do it in such extremely eclectic places. What talent! Do it again next year!

  2. Sarah says:

    Next year we need to try Petite Greens. Duck!

  3. Annette Kent says:

    Ahhhh… fun meter was running off the charts it would seem! Great job! xoxo

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