39 in Practice

Last week (and in most recent weeks, really), I spent a lot of time ruminating on what it means to now be 39 years old.

This past weekend – the end of Week 1 of 39 – I was in Detroit with my family. I tried to keep my father’s words of wisdom, about how “getting old is the plan”, present as I went to Anna’s 40th birthday party, and as my mom brought lots of friends and family around all weekend to keep my spirits high. She threw me yet another little belated birthday party, we had a little family get-together for an early Father’s Day, yada yada…

And it felt good, honestly. Especially as I spent precious time with this guy:

Grandpa with his father’s day “Sam”mich.

He is certainly fulfilling “the plan.” 

I know his days are numbered, and I’m constantly reminded how it’s been over a year since Grandma died and how he really “shouldn’t still be here”, but…

Here he is. In fact, my sister took him to the casino on Saturday. He won $600. He came to the bar with me to celebrate my birthday Saturday night and he stayed out until 11:00 PM and he ate a dozen chicken wings, too, so…

He is sticking to that plan, I guess. At least for now.

Vodka sodas with my almost 90-year-old grandfather at the biker bar.

I’ve been struggling a lot with this idea of “life off the roadmap” my father laid out for me, but I guess the answer as to who I should follow now is pretty clear…

This guy, up there…☝🏼


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2 thoughts on “39 in Practice

  1. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    Well if you are looking for an example of how to “live large”, your grandpa wrote the book! Good for you for jumping into life with gusto, while not forgetting from where you came. If you can treasure history while still making it, then you are a wise person. And what a history it has been for this family! I guess the lesson here is to keep going as long as you want to and make the most of every moment. We certainly did! Happy 39th Birthday! Love you!

  2. […] still liked a good meal and a good drink – at my 39th birthday party, he stayed at the bar past 10:00 PM, eating a dozen chicken wings and drinking two (yep – two!) […]

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