It’s the longest week of the year, that precedes the BEST WEEK OF THE YEAR.

My summer break from work at Adobe starts on Friday. I’ve got senioritis like the captain of the NHS Mustang’s pom pon team something AWFUL right now.

It’s not just that I want a break; I really, really need one.

This past quarter at Adobe has been, without a doubt, the most intense but also most gratifying of my career thus far. I feel like I’m finally hitting my stride in an enormous, world-class organization, finally understanding the true value of what I bring to the table and really making smart, meaningful contributions.

It feels GREAT! But also – lord in heaven, am I tired.

I haven’t been sleeping too much.

And that’s because, of all the amazing things that amazing people do at my amazing place of employment… I actually might be so lucky as to do one of the most amazing things:

I work with real, living, breathing human beings (not just email addresses, theoretical “customers”, “accounts”, or “user personas”), all over the world.

I have an “IRL job” at a 21st-century technology company. And it’s pretty magical.

And I’ve been busting my ass this past quarter, almost 24 hours a day, for all kinds of people (young people, actually) – all over the planet. Thousands of them.

I barely know them, but they know me. I’ve become the person standing on the threshold of their dreams, cracking open the door to their future, and there is no way I’m going to leave any of them out in the cold. No matter what time zone they’re in.

So, as I put the pedal to the medal for the last couple days and get ready to hit cruise control for my long-awaited (and much-deserved) break, I’m reminding myself about why it is that I work so hard.

It’s simple:

I’m doing it so that we will have the next generation of storytellers, truth-tellers, and inspirational icons that our planet so desperately needs.

Here’s my favorite pick of my last week at work before summer shutdown, courtesy of Tristan Klein at Australia’s Billy Blue College of Design.

I hope I’ll meet Tristan in person some day soon to tell him how much I enjoyed this.


Learn more about just a little bit of the amazing work I’m lucky to do for Adobe here.

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2 thoughts on “Slooowwwdown

  1. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    I told you that you have an incredible job! You can change the world right where you are, “working for the man”. You have enabled young people all over the world to send their “messages” to the rest of us in a most powerful and affecting way. The combination of art and technology is just as historically significant as the invention of the airplane or automobile. Those “mechanical” marvels are limited in time and space, but what you do is unlimited by earthly boundaries. The messages that your work facilitates can go anywhere and reach anyone at any time. And you never know the impact they will have. Lucky you to be part of that. I am glad I could be here to see it. Thank you!

  2. […] statement I want to weep. Even though I was feeling pretty positive about my work life before my big company-wide break, today I feel like I’m trapped in the wrong life. And all I did was hide in my own house for […]

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