This morning, Trent sent me an artificial intelligence inspiration generator called InspiroBot.

And, with it, this golden nugget it generated:


I’m not kidding, this is the sentiment it just happened to output this morning, as Trent and I were lamenting going back to work after quite possibly the very best vacation we’ve ever taken together.

What the hell, InspiroBot! Pull back on the intelligence! Turn down the future!

Oh, gawd. There’s so much truth in this statement I want to weep. Even though I was feeling pretty positive about my work life before my big company-wide break, today I feel like I’m trapped in the wrong life. And all I did was hide in my own house for a week and a half straight!

No pool bar in Mexico

No mountaintop beer gardens in Germany

No heavenly Spanish islands in the African tradewinds

No hidden beaches in Sicily

I mean, I’m good at vacationing. I always have been, since I was in my lean years as a nonprofit slave. Even back then, I found a way to jet off to Puerto Rico and snorkel in the bioluminescent lagoon every now and then. Or disappear into the Rocky Mountains on a whitewater adventure (back in the days before digital cameras – and waterproof ones, at that).

But always – always – when I’ve stayed away from “home” more than a week or so, I’ve eventually felt “okay” with vacation coming to an end. I’ve reached that point where I miss my bed. I miss my routine. These days, I miss my DOG.

Except now that summer shutdown is in my life, and I use it to vacation in my own home, in a place I consider my personal paradise – well…

That never happens.

am home. The whole time.

I just get more and more comfortable as time goes on.

My friends come and go, joining the fun.

My dog is there with me.


I have a real problem on my hands, it seems, and a lot of thinking to do about my next chapter of life…


See all our pictures of an amazing Summer Shutdown 2017 with the Rippee Family, our neighbors, Marlene, and Carla here.

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2 thoughts on “Inspiro

  1. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    Well that timing certainly wasn’t coincidental! Thank you, InspiroBot! For calling attention to the elephant in the room. The good news about your vacation is that it does not have to end! You can re-visit it any time you want, every time you step in your front door. Or every weekend. Or any evening when you need to get away from the rat race that is your life. It’s a paradise more beautiful than the pool bar, the beaches or the islands. It’s called home. It’s beautiful, and it’s paid for. Enjoy it!

  2. […] my batteries for the second half of 2017. It’s been slow-going since coming back from summer shutdown; shockingly, I’ve been finding my usual 5:30 A.M. wake up time to be a wee bit less […]

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