So, I finally had a pang of longing for blogging.

And here I am, to document it, on the blog.

I had two verifiable pangs of longing, really – and neither of them were caused by what I thought would push me to pangs.

I had expected I wouldn’t be able to resist my compulsive urge to hit four blog posts per month. I haven’t missed that mark since I started this little diary, over five years ago now. I just figured eventually I would look at the calendar and say, “Oh, f$#% – what have I been doing all month? I need to reflect, dammit! QUICK! Vomit something onto the internet!”

But nope – I’ve been way too busy to even think about that. No pangs over only posting twice – over that measly little next to August in my widget.

The first actual yearn to return to the blog came two weekends ago, when Trent’s buddy and former bandmate, Justin, got married. I realized I had documented every one of my friends’ weddings since this blog began.

Where would the stories of their weddings go, if there was no blog? 

How could I leave Justin and Jessica out?

J Ro and J Ro on their wedding night. It was 100 degrees, but you can’t tell at all and it didn’t stop everyone from partying until the sun came up. 

Well, there. I guess I didn’t leave them out after all.

But what will I do going forward?

Where will the funny little anecdotes like “Nate’s groomsman outfit was two sizes too big and he looked like a little boy in his dad’s clothes with an attitude to match” and “thank god I let the dog jump in the swimming pool” and “remember how all the dudes had to keep their coats on even though it was 100 degrees because they got SO hot that they didn’t want anyone to see the pit stains in their shirts?”

I don’t know the answer to that.

But I do know that I’m almost 40, so there might not be that many more weddings to document…

The second pang of longing came this past weekend, as we were up at the cabin for Labor Day weekend with friends, and I realized it was our second proper anniversary at 2381. Labor Day was our housewarming party, two years ago now.

Where will I document anniversaries like this? Where will I digitally collect and admire the “Laborversary” photos I’ve been taking each year, as we bring a different group of people up to celebrate our “best decision ever” with us?

Like this!

Labor Day 2015

Labor Day 2016

Labor Day 2017

I mean, I guess they are on the wall, in the house, where we actually make the memories.

Why do I feel compelled to put them here, too?

In case the house burns down?

Did people used to worry about stuff like that, before blogs? Before the internet? Why do we now?

Seriously asking…

How many more occasions will I want to “gather up” like this, and see in aggregate? And is this really the place to do it?

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One thought on “Longing

  1. Marge Wisniewski says:

    I am glad you chose to satisfy your longing for blogging. Especially because Justin’s wedding and the Laborversary are worthy of preservation on your blog. Your photographic library on the wall of your house is also a tradition worth preserving. The only things in life that are worth keeping are the memories we have of special times spent with special people. You are a marvelous chronicler of life events and a fabulous archivist. All of us are grateful for the memories. And I am glad I got to share the captured memories of Justin’s wedding. Funny and wonderful! Now you can look back and enjoy them again. But no pressure. Blog only when it suits you We will be happy with the result.

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