Tree v. 2017

This is our 2017 Christmas tree.

Oh, Christmas tree…

It fell over while we were decorating it: the first time that’s ever happened to us. Smashed bulbs and spilled water. Scared dog cowering in the corner. It almost fell over a second time, too, but by then we had grown wiser to its ways and managed to catch it.

It was a fitting end to our Thanksgiving weekend: two sick-as-hell people struggling to decorate their house for Christmas, to salvage some holiday cheer after their family celebration in the mountains was ruined by the flu, the tree absolutely refusing to cooperate. Both of us still up at 9:00 PM, delirious, insisting we could do it; we could have some happy holidays in 2017. We could end a terrible year on a high note. There were still things to look forward to…

And there are. I guess. Siiiggghhh.

The tree is up. The halls are decked. Christmas will come. We’ve both already had the flu this season, so maybe we won’t get it again, right? (??? Knock on wood…).

This too shall pass.

So, here we go, full steam ahead into Christmas 2017, and then into a new year which, we hope, has good things in store not just for us, but for the whole world.

We both kinda feel like flopping over at this point, but we’re holding each other up like invisible fishing wire behind the scenes. We can do this. 

The world can do this. 

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One thought on “Tree v. 2017

  1. Margaret Wisniewski says:

    Let the tree be a metaphor for life. Sometimes it comes crashing in on you when you are at your sickest or lowest point and cowering in the corner. But you prop it up again, and it is still beautiful. The lights still glow in the darkness, and there is still a beauty to it that cannot be diminished. And it can be shared with all who enter. I hope your tree is a metaphor for a year where everyone can sit in your home and sample the beauty of life, and we can all stop fighting with each other and forgive each other, and just sit back and be thankful for what we have.

    (P.S. I remember the first Christmas after your dad died, and we cut down that huge tree with the neighbors, and I tried to put it up in the family room, and I had to wire it to dad’s weights and the curtain rod with chicken wire. We made it through that year, wobbly as we were, and we are still here.)

    Oh, Christmas Tree, the world needs you right now. And so do we!

    Love, Mom

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