Year in Review, 2017

Well, it’s a bit belated this year since we’ve been galivanting in Southeast Asia for the past two weeks (and then subsequently recovering from jetlag and “traveler’s diarrhea”), but I finally finished my monumental year-end tradition…

The 2017 Temple Photo Year in Review!

You know what to do – Click the pick for lots more on our Flick!

As y’all know, this is our version of a paperless holiday card. It’s our way to relive all these memories with family and friends – and re-send everyone the photos of our adventures together throughout the year.

We’re taking a deep breath right now, and trying not to from wax too negative about 2017 (at this point, we’re fairly certain our loved ones feel pretty much the same way about it that we do, anyway). Instead, we’re trying to “practice gratitude” (and continuing to donate money to charity!).

And just like this little photo exercise showed us last year how truly lucky we are, the same is true this year. Through all the messiness and scariness of 2017, we developed even MORE appreciation for all of the people in these photos. When we look back on the year, it was a simpler one in terms of how we lived it, but it meant even more to us. We needed it to be simple, because we (mainly Lisa) generally felt scared and worried about everything from the macro level to the micro level – but all these friends and family got us through it.

We are super grateful: to everyone pictured here, for 2017, for the potential we all have to keep making the world a better place. For all our good health and good fortune.

The future is scary, and we need to just keep reminding people how much we care. And so to our friends and family – know that we do, and we’re there for you, looking forward to seeing you all in real life soon and making more memories like those captured here. Click on any picture to download and keep it for yourself (the story of the year unfolds in the captions), or just to revisit that time in our photo albums.

And if you aren’t in here, we certainly hope you will be next year…


See our past year-end photo recaps here:

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