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Dog Day: The Sequel

Grass Shark sighted on Doggy Day!

Grass Shark sighted on Doggy Day!

Actually, it’s now the third installment.

That’s right! For the third year in a row, we kept our early spring doggy date with the Nothllog Family (hybrid name copyright ME!). And this year’s excursion was a little different, because we only had to journey slightly deeper into our own backyards. Continue reading

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Spring Awakening

We had a lovely spring adventure this weekend.

The hills are alive...

The hills are alive…

And with work ramping up at the house again – new patios, seismic retrofits, yada yada – it was perfectly timed to provide a little escape from the need to clean up messes, oversee contractors, hover, ask too many questions… You get the point.

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Rain, Rain, Don’t Go Away


We’ve been in a heck of a drought here in California. The worst one in the state’s history – at least since we’ve been keeping records. Continue reading

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Welcome Wagon

We finally have some East Bay homeowner friends!

This weekend, we welcomed Jessica and Larry to the wonderful, curse-word-filled world with ironically flawless weather we call “homeownership in the East Bay.” We’re so happy to have them (in El Cerrito)!

Larry grillin' us up some snacks in his new backyard!

Larry grillin’ us up some snacks in his new backyard!

To be fair, we already had lots of awesome friends in the East Bay (LOTS – you know who you are); it’s just that none of them had yet chosen to hitch themselves to a mortgage. And now we have Jess and Larry to commiserate with over things like rose pruning and new roofs.

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Into the Forest…

Hard at work.

Hard at work.

Our food forest has officially begun. Deposit paid to our wonderful (friends and) designers and everything.

Now, I’m not gonna lie — these early stages are plain old fun. We lie in the backyard, talking a lot with Katy and Felipé about what kinds of plants we’re going to grow: where, how, and why.

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