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Not So Sad

Michigan lost by a point, after a missed shot at the buzzer last night. They’ve officially been eliminated from the Big Dance, having made it all the way to the Sweet 16 – way farther than anyone imagined they would go.

But that’s it now: show’s over, folks. Another year has come and gone, and they came close – but they weren’t my dream team. Not yet, at least.

I’m sure they’re feeling pretty lousy today about their loss. And who can blame them? It was a heartbreaker. But, like my sister said about what they did manage to accomplish:

“It’s a miracle they’re even alive, so I’ll take it.”

And, there’s someone today who should be feeling much worse about his loss than them:

This schmuck.

If you’re looking for the biggest loser today, this guy is it.

(Wait – was he on that show? No… I think I actually watched that one…)

March Madness may be over for me, but in HIS failure, I feel the tide of our sour year finally starting to turn for the better; a turn toward “winning”, to quote the schmuck…

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Return of Madness

Oh. My. GAWD.

The Michigan men’s basketball team beat Wisconsin yesterday 71-56 to become the first-ever 8-seeded Big Ten tourney champions.


Underdog amazeballs! (photo: Detroit Free Press)

And if that WEREN’T ENOUGH…

They did it after SURVIVING A F#@$ING PLANE CRASH. The WHOLE TEAM! The goddamn plane crashed while they were taking off for Washington D.C. to go play in said conference tourney. And they STILL went on to win it as the ultimate underdogs.  Continue reading

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The First Time

There will be more to report on this topic – much more – but it’s too epic not to share in short form this very minute, while my brain is still buzzing and my heart is still racing and my tongue is dripping with metaphor.

Trenton Temple has been to The Big HouseInside The Big House. For a game. To see Michigan play Ohio State. In what was arguably the most exciting chapter in this storied rivalry since the Woodson era (ahem – my era). Only one thing could have made it better:

A victory.

Go Blue. Always Go Blue.

Go Blue. Always Go Blue.


More from The New York Times: “Ohio State Survives Michigan

and Gets Help From Auburn”

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