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Into the Blue


Something big happened this week.

Just a little past my three-year Facebook Quitaversary

I went back. Continue reading

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One of the beautiful things about this blog is that it’s mine. In all it’s non-glory.

It’s the story of my rather unfabulous life, full of home improvement, dogs, vacation days spent on family visits, late work nights devoted to e-commerce, and falling asleep on the couch.

Yes, completely unfabulous – and mine. Continue reading

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Brilliant Idea: Clean Plate Club

If anyone is wondering, I’m still off Facebook, and loving it (18 months and counting, actually).

I have, however, developed something of a passion for Instagram. And I’m not into it because it allows me to “share” my life, or keep tabs on others. Case in point: I follow/am followed by about 60 Instagram profiles (some of which aren’t even people, but rather brands I find useful for work), as opposed to the FIVE HUNDRED friends I had on Facebook (a good deal of which I didn’t even really like; although if you’re reading this, I swear I’m not talking about you).

So, how did I come to love Instagram? Continue reading

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One Year Part 2

It’s here:

My one year anniversary of quitting Facebook!

You can do it.

You can do it.

Exactly one year ago today, I “woke up at 5:30 AM and logged onto my phone while in bed” to shut down my Facebook account.

I was really excited at the time to attempt this experiment in Facebook-free living, but I was also kinda freaked out; I confess. People were worriedly whispering all kinds of ominous things to me, from “your friends will think you think you’re better than them for doing this” to “no one will invite you to any parties any more.”

Yes, really. And that latter one was really scary. I mean, no more party invites? But I looove parties!

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One Year

Today, I have officially been blogging for one year.


Yep, I first posted on March 21, 2012, that I was quitting Facebook in favor of a more focused, real-world approach to my life and relationships. But I promised to continue to document the things that mattered to me here, for anyone who might care to stay in touch. Continue reading

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