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Year in Review, 2015

It’s the best day of the year for a little bookkeeping historian-at-heart like me:

The day I publish my year-end photo greeting.

Click the pick for lots more on our Flick!

Click the pick for lots more on our Flick!

If you didn’t already get this in your email or see it somewhere on social media, this is our way of saying “hey!” at year’s end because we don’t do those paper greetings in the mail. It’s our greatest photo hits of the year, hopefully featuring MOST of our loved ones. We really want it to feature ALL of them… I’m hoping 2016 will be the year it finally comes to pass?  Continue reading

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Christmas 2015

One year ago today, Trent and I were lying poolside at our luxury all-inclusive resort in Cabo San Lucas.

At some point, we managed to rally, put actual clothes on, gorge ourselves on sushi, and stroll out to the beach, where we watched the sun set beside El Arco and toasted the whole “Christmas” thing with some cold Modelos. I think we might have even taken a walk into town afterward for some tequila and late night tacos?

Christmas morning in Cabo, 2014.

Christmas morning in Cabo, 2014.

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