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True Yellow Rose of Texas

So, just in case you were wondering who I cut all my calla lilies for…

The answer is, this lovely lady:

Dorothy on her 90th birthday.

Dorothy on her 90th birthday.

Grandma Dorothy Eastwood: 90 years old as of this past Saturday.

As you can see, she got a few other flowers, too — including 90 yellow roses from her family back home in Texas.

If anyone deserves hundreds of flowers on their birthday, it’s this woman. Not only is she really as lovely as every bloom, but she’s a gifted gardener who gives me new insight into what to do with my own plants on a weekly basis.

Some day, she will leave behind a world peppered not only with her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, but with roses, calla lilies, irises, and African violets — all beautiful creations that wouldn’t be here without her.

And for that reason, I am working really, really, REALLY hard on getting the violet she gave me to bloom.

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