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I’ve been doing my best to recharge my batteries for the second half of 2017. It’s been slow-going since coming back from summer shutdown; shockingly, I’ve been finding my usual 5:30 A.M. wake up time to be a wee bit less appealing than it was back in June…

However, the best part about my job is now kicking into high-gear, and starting in August I’ll be off on another crazy adventure that will reach its grand finale at Adobe MAX 2017 in Las Vegas this October.

On Friday, we announced the remaining Semifinalists in this year’s Adobe Design Achievement Awards:

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In Style

One week into 2017, and I’m STILL not fully recovered from my holiday plague. Dammit.

That said, it didn’t stop me and my rad team at work from totally CRUSHING the 4th Annual de Youngsters Art Party at San Francisco’s de Young Museum in Golden Gate Park this past Friday night.

Just a little victory lap to end a long day (and project), right through our backdrop.

Just a little victory lap to end a long day (and project), right through our backdrop.

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Mungacation 2016

I just dropped my mom off at the airport, and I am sad.

It was the longest trip she’s ever made to see us, and coincidentally at probably the worst time of year for us since Trent and I are both packing up to head to San Diego – I leave tomorrow for Adobe MAX and Trent joins me there in two days (he’s going to the conference this year, so I at least get hubby company!).

But I wanted to see my mom; after the year she’s had, I wanted to get her out of Michigan and get her to relax. I wanted to push myself extra hard and get ready for my MAX responsibilities a week early, so I could have this time to relax with her before diving into the most stressful week of my year.

I just wanted my mom.

I didn’t quite succeed at the stress-free part. I was never able to completely “turn off” during her visit; I was still feeling the crunch, and I’m a little disappointed about that.

But I do think Munga got to relax. I got to take her stress away for a week, I hope. And we got to be together. We got to take a lot of naps together.

And we did actually manage to do quite a lot of fun stuff, too…

My personal take your mom to work day at Adobe.

My personal take your mom to work day at Adobe.

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“Working on the weekend” took on a whole new meaning for me this past one.



PHEW. I’ve officially survived my first time hosting the final judging weekend of the Adobe Design Achievement Awards at Adobe’s SF office (aka, MY office). And it just so happened this year – my first year on this program – has been a record-setting year for the competition. More amazing student design submissions than ever. EVER. 5,300!!! Resulting in more SEMIFINALISTS than ever.

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1 x 2

One year ago: a fresher on her first day on the job (and the bus).

One year ago: a fresher on her first day on the job (and the bus).

It’s the one year anniversary.


One year ago today – August 3, 2015 – I started my new job, as Community Engagement Manager for Adobe’s Digital Media business.


Trent and I closed on our vacation home. Our dream a-frame mountain party house, on the Ebbetts Pass in the Sierra Nevada.

That was a big day. I had a lot going on. But believe it or not, one year later, I have even more going on now.

Like… evening art-making workshops on iPads with child cancer patients and Creative Collisions at The Tech Museum in San Jose and media rollouts for our new Adobe Studio and interview requests from national press and travel orders from my VP and travel orders from my family and my 20 year high school reunion (EEK!) and preparations for Adobe MAX and preparations for Labor Day at the cabin and judging weekend for the ADAA

In short, I feel like this:


A little wild.

But I look amazing, right?

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