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39 in Practice

Last week (and in most recent weeks, really), I spent a lot of time ruminating on what it means to now be 39 years old.

This past weekend – the end of Week 1 of 39 – I was in Detroit with my family. I tried to keep my father’s words of wisdom, about how “getting old is the plan”, present as I went to Anna’s 40th birthday party, and as my mom brought lots of friends and family around all weekend to keep my spirits high. She threw me yet another little belated birthday party, we had a little family get-together for an early Father’s Day, yada yada…

And it felt good, honestly. Especially as I spent precious time with this guy:

Grandpa with his father’s day “Sam”mich.

He is certainly fulfilling “the plan.”  Continue reading

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I turned 39 on June 2nd. It was a big deal for me.

My family, at the end of my 39th birthday weekend.

I’ve long dreaded turning 39. I think I was telling myself I was dreading turning 40, but that was a lie. I’m not afraid of 40 – I’m excited for it, actually. It’s a badge I’m anxious to earn. But I’ve been scared shitless of 39.

My father died when he was 39, you see. He did not have what most people would consider a “good death”. He was a young man with a wife and two small children – barely in his thirties – when he was given a devastating diagnosis. He and his mother were both diagnosed at nearly the exact same time, with the exact same cancer; they were each given just months to live. In hindsight, it’s very clear that both of their deaths could have been easily avoided by not subjecting them to radioactive, carcinogenic procedures to treat their (hereditary) thyroid conditions. But in the early 80s oncology was a fledgling field, ya know…

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Inched another step closer to the big 4-0 this week! YEEHAW!

OMG. 38.

OMG. 38.

But actually, it felt good. I know that sounds very unlike me, but – I’m not joking.  Continue reading

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37! Oy vey. I am 37 years old.


My most recent birthday arrived a few days ago, on June 2nd. Am I ready for the final 3-2-1 countdown to 40? I don’t really know.

In a way, it terrifies me. I have a 20th year high school reunion staring me down now. Like, 20 years ago this month I was getting my senior pictures taken for good old Northville High…

Just one of my MANY senior photos. Yep – talk about oy vey.

Just one of my MANY senior photos. Yep – talk about oy vey.


HOW CAN THAT BEEEEEE???!!! Continue reading

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My 36th year is winding down. Just one more day to go, actually, so I suppose you can say this is like 11:58:30 of my 36th year.

Great thing about the day I was born, though – it falls right at the year’s midpoint. That means each year I get to treat my birthday as a second “new year” of sorts, and this year I’m taking special advantage of that.

2015 really hasn’t been living up to my expectations, with its double dose of illness and death right out of the gate and its ongoing unexpected shitstorm of job turmoil. Of course, yes – I have a pretty good life, and I know it. Still. But it’s just not the year I was hoping for.

So I’m using my birthday as the perfect excuse to push the reset button. This week, I start fresh for year 37. I’ve set some big goals; I plan to laser-focus on these new priorities, and set my radar sight on attaining more of the things that have brought me so much happiness in recent months. It’s all about the things I’ve been running to to get away from the stress – I’m going to start shaping my life to be about them, instead.

Year 37 is gonna look like this:

Get it? It's gonna be good. Join me.

Get it? It’s gonna be good. Join me.

So, one more day to prepare, and then… Away we go!

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