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My 36th year is winding down. Just one more day to go, actually, so I suppose you can say this is like 11:58:30 of my 36th year.

Great thing about the day I was born, though – it falls right at the year’s midpoint. That means each year I get to treat my birthday as a second “new year” of sorts, and this year I’m taking special advantage of that.

2015 really hasn’t been living up to my expectations, with its double dose of illness and death right out of the gate and its ongoing unexpected shitstorm of job turmoil. Of course, yes – I have a pretty good life, and I know it. Still. But it’s just not the year I was hoping for.

So I’m using my birthday as the perfect excuse to push the reset button. This week, I start fresh for year 37. I’ve set some big goals; I plan to laser-focus on these new priorities, and set my radar sight on attaining more of the things that have brought me so much happiness in recent months. It’s all about the things I’ve been running to to get away from the stress – I’m going to start shaping my life to be about them, instead.

Year 37 is gonna look like this:

Get it? It's gonna be good. Join me.

Get it? It’s gonna be good. Join me.

So, one more day to prepare, and then… Away we go!

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4.0, v.KD

Just in case you were wondering, this is what 40 looks like…

Middle-aged babe alert!

Middle-aged babe alert!


(okay, one of us still has a couple years to go, but we’re getting a pat on the back anyway…) Continue reading

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From Cabo with Love

You know, when it gets to be this time of year, even though you have a FABULOUS all-inclusive Mexican beach bonanza of a Christmas planned… just for you and your awesome, much, much better half who you’ve not gotten enough private vacation time with all year long… you just can’t help but miss certain people, and wish they could come along with you.



So you dig around for photos of your 90-something-years-old grandparents and assemble them here on the blog. This is how we’ll take them all with us!

(And see? Some of them even dig pool parties, still!)

And we WILL see them when we get back. We will.

Burgess' 91st birthday, Christmas in Fresno, 2010.

Burgess’ 91st birthday, Christmas in Fresno, 2010.

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I turned 36 yesterday. June 2, 2014. On the backslide to 40: good lord.

I don’t know how it happened so fast – I swear I just turned 16, and all of a sudden 20 years went by. Damn.

Me, age 16, with my Number 1 Fan. At least some things never change...

Me, age 16, with my Number 1 Fan. At least some things never change…

But though I’ve been known to get down on the idea of getting older, and lament how fast the past few years have flown by, I really have absolutely nothing to complain about. I have pretty much the best life I could ask for. I never dreamed it would be so good.

So I will shut the f#@% up about wanting to be 22 again, I promise. I had the most lovely birthday yesterday. My family was good to me, my team at work was amazing to me (thanks for the vegan creole food! and the vegan cake! and the champagne!), I heard from all the people I care about, and my day ended on the couch with the World’s Greatest Husband and the World’s Greatest Pup.

And as the World’s Greatest Husband wrote to me in my birthday card (a card which, per usual, brought me to tears in public so – thanks for that yet again, WGH)…

“What happens next?”

Short answer (because the card really is just for me):

Everything awesome.

Me, age 36. And my World's Greatest Family. Bring on awesome!

Me, age 36. And my World’s Greatest Family. Bring on awesome!

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This is me (on the right) at 35: the age I turned this past weekend…

Me and Marlene, drinking celebratory birthday beers in the sunshine at Telegraph.

Me and Marlene, drinking celebratory birthday beers in the sunshine at Telegraph.

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