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This is almost true. If only you hadn't elected Rick Snyder. And the snow thing...

This is almost true. If only you hadn’t elected Rick Snyder. And the snow thing…

We just returned a couple nights ago from a long Thanksgiving trip to Michigan, to visit my family and friends for the holiday.

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The First Time

There will be more to report on this topic – much more – but it’s too epic not to share in short form this very minute, while my brain is still buzzing and my heart is still racing and my tongue is dripping with metaphor.

Trenton Temple has been to The Big HouseInside The Big House. For a game. To see Michigan play Ohio State. In what was arguably the most exciting chapter in this storied rivalry since the Woodson era (ahem – my era). Only one thing could have made it better:

A victory.

Go Blue. Always Go Blue.

Go Blue. Always Go Blue.


More from The New York Times: “Ohio State Survives Michigan

and Gets Help From Auburn”

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Double D Adventure

I give you:

The replay of our frozen week in Washington, D.C. and Detroit, in words and pictures that cannot truly express how cold I was.

Let's get this inaugu-rager started!

Let’s get this inaugu-rager started!

But alright… Hyperbole aside, let’s start with the basics. We chose to take this dual-city trip at this (particularly ludicrous) time for three main reasons:

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Kickstart My Friendship

In two days we leave for a week of vacation in Costa Rica’s Manuel Antonio National Park. We’re desperately in need of a vacation, after the month we’ve had.

But actually, getting through escrow was probably the easiest accomplishment of the past month. Our escrow process wasn’t that bad at all. Inspections yielded better news on the house than expected, our loan was approved instantly, underwriter didn’t ask us one single question.

But it was still all happening, and on TOP of it, I had probably the most stressful month I’ve had yet at my job. I was also feeling a little under the weather (MS-style), and had a bunch of doctor’s appointments. Annoy-o. And of course Trent had to send the magazine out last week.

AND, there were a few things that came up which we shan’t put out in a public forum just yet… But they’re good. Just time consuming.

So, the house is now pretty much done, the loan docs signed. The work projects are over, the magazine is out. The bill of health is clean, the dog-sitter is lined up (thank you, Katy!). We’re doing the laundry, packing, and getting excited. For many reasons.

But the main reason is that this isn’t just a vacation. We’re going to Costa Rica for a wedding: the wedding of my friend, John, and his fiance, Ashley. I’ve known John for over 20 years, and this is going to be a week-long tropical party with people I’ve known since–as I like to put it–they all had mullets and I had a mushroom cut.

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