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20, Again


I just survived the very surreal experience of my 20 year high school reunion.

Yes, it’s hard to believe it’s been 20 years since I struck this awesome pose. And this one. This one, too.

But alas, it has. I was most definitely assured of that by the size of the hangover waiting for me the morning after this: Continue reading

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And the trophy goes to…

Julie Brown (for Third Place)!

Let’s be real, though – third place is an awesome honor in this contest.

I’m talking about the World Championships of Friends Who Visit Lisa. In this illustrious (ongoing) event, Julie just cemented her position by coming to visit from Boston yet again this past weekend. In the World Championships of Friends Who Visit Julie, I don’t think I’m in third place – which is why she’s even more awesome. But hey – I’m up and coming. So WATCH OUT!

JULIE IN SF, 2014! With her boyfriend, Adam. Oyster happy hour!

JULIE IN SF, 2014! With her boyfriend, Adam. Oyster happy hour!

Continue reading

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Post-Script: Anna in SF

Ahhh… Anna Beattie Massey has now finally been to visit me.

Former roomies on our tourist odyssey.

Former roomies on our tourist odyssey.

We did ALL the touristy things. ALL THE THINGS. Seriously. All of them.

I think… Continue reading

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Friday Flashback, Vol. V

It’s time to flash back again, this time to that most bountiful era of embarrassing photos…


Tonight, my college roommate, bridesmaid, and all-around partner in crime, Anna, arrives for her first-ever visit to the Bay Area. Trent will be out of town for the weekend, helping out my other best girlfriend, Kim, at her nonprofit in Michigan. Anna and I will be on our own, on a girls-only cocktails-aplenty adventure.

Because, you know – who needs to do good things like present to high schoolers at an educational nonprofit when you could, um, be drinking cocktails aplenty with your girlfriends?

Anna’s super-sweet hubby and doting father of her children, Vince, bought her this plane ticket for her birthday. He used his hard-earned frequent flier miles. And this ain’t no 30,000-mile ticket, peeps – this is a 50,000-MILE ticket. So we’re gonna make the most of it – starting now, as I warm up by reliving all our ridiculous adventures over the years, and all the reasons why I looove Anna. I gotta make the next eight hours go by quickly!

So, here comes something ridiculous in saturated 90s Kodak color – with date stamp! Continue reading

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Earth Stink So Sweet

We embarked on a little Labor Day adventure this past weekend, away from the house and Operation: Kick the Yard’s Ass (don’t worry, the yard kicked our ass plenty upon returning). We took the new car (name: still TBD) up to Trent’s parents’ on Lake Almanor, in Northeastern California. Our friends, Scott and Kristen, drove up from Fresno and met us there, and we spent a day hiking in nearby Lassen Volcanic National Park.

Volcanic peak in Lassen National Park.

A peaceful peak in Lassen Volcanic National Park.

We also enjoyed a myriad of other outdoorsy Labor Day weekend activities, including swimming in the lake with Sammy and bargain hunting in the bustling downtown of Chester. Stoplights = 0 (correct me if I’m wrong)… Continue reading

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