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I was almost feeling inspired enough today to write a blog post.

I woke up this morning almost feeling like I had the energy. Like I had enough mental capital to devote to metacognition… Like I had the ability to just think, and not work. 

But then, I worked a 15-hour day, and…


Mental capital all spent.

There’s nothing meaningful to say after all.

Nothing that justifies more screen time. 

There was a high point to my day, though; it happened on a different type of screen.

I’ve been running a screenprinting workshop at the artist studio I manage at my job (yes, I manage a reverse residency for my company’s employees in a working artists’ community in San Francisco, in an effort to underwrite the other artists’ abilities to lease their spaces below market rate; it’s just one of my little “side projects”). Today was our second group screenprinting day at the studio. And for the few hours I was off that kind of screen and onto the other kind…

I felt no stress.

The fact that I’m taking the time to express that here is in no way a point for blogging. It’s just a realization I had today:

Maybe I need to start screenprinting my thoughts, instead of typing them?

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It’s the longest week of the year, that precedes the BEST WEEK OF THE YEAR.

My summer break from work at Adobe starts on Friday. I’ve got senioritis like the captain of the NHS Mustang’s pom pon team something AWFUL right now.

It’s not just that I want a break; I really, really need one.

This past quarter at Adobe has been, without a doubt, the most intense but also most gratifying of my career thus far. I feel like I’m finally hitting my stride in an enormous, world-class organization, finally understanding the true value of what I bring to the table and really making smart, meaningful contributions.

It feels GREAT! But also – lord in heaven, am I tired.

I haven’t been sleeping too much. Continue reading

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In Style

One week into 2017, and I’m STILL not fully recovered from my holiday plague. Dammit.

That said, it didn’t stop me and my rad team at work from totally CRUSHING the 4th Annual de Youngsters Art Party at San Francisco’s de Young Museum in Golden Gate Park this past Friday night.

Just a little victory lap to end a long day (and project), right through our backdrop.

Just a little victory lap to end a long day (and project), right through our backdrop.

Continue reading

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My life has been overrun with art since I started working at Adobe.

Not the kind you make in Photoshop, or Illustrator, or any of our products for that matter; the kind that hangs in galleries and museums and in artist studios. The old-fashioned kind of artThe messy kind.

The *gulp*…

… real kind.  Continue reading

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Lit Up

Testing our final experience with the volunteer corps, Thursday night in the CTL Lab at Adobe.

Testing our final light painting experience with the volunteer corps, Thursday night in the CTL Lab at Adobe.

My first “major” project for Adobe is now complete.

We pulled off “painting in light” for somewhere around 400 kids at the de Young Museum in San Francisco this past Friday night, and although almost 48 hours have passed since we wrapped, hauling the last pieces of our “light booths” back to our office laboratory in the wee hours of Saturday morning, I’m still recovering from the mayhem.  Continue reading

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