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A Great Dane in the stands at the Coliseum.

For realsies: Scooby is watching the ball game.

So, if you’ve met me in real life, you know that I’m a ridiculously loyal fan of my hometown sports teams — all of them. Detroit is a serious sports town. There isn’t a WHOLE lot else going on there to unite people besides sports, and most people you meet in Detroit have been there for at least three, four, five generations (let’s face it: people live in Detroit because they were born there, not because they want to be there — but maybe soon that will change?). They learned to love the Wings by watching them with their grandfather at Olympia Stadium, or they learned to love the Tigers like I did — by trekking down Michigan avenue in the summertime with their father and hoards of other fans toward the old Tiger Stadium, swinging pennants and singing “Bless You Boys.” Continue reading

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