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Stork Club

Once upon a time, the Stork Club was an infamous Oakland dive bar where I had a second date with a man I went on to marry. I went to see his band play with my old friend John, visiting me from San Diego (and being a very good sport); I fell in a hole in the middle of Telegraph Avenue on my way in and spent most of the night bleeding and in pain, but gosh I had fun in spite of it.

Alcohol helped.

But though the good old Stork Club still exists, I’m now thinking of the term more literally. These days, my definition of “stork Club” is a gathering of pregnant ladies named Jessica… Continue reading

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One of the beautiful things about this blog is that it’s mine. In all it’s non-glory.

It’s the story of my rather unfabulous life, full of home improvement, dogs, vacation days spent on family visits, late work nights devoted to e-commerce, and falling asleep on the couch.

Yes, completely unfabulous – and mine. Continue reading

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All in the Family


We have a new baby in the family! Carson Scott Rippee:

How cute is he?!?!?!

How cute is he?!?!?!

Isn’t he just the cutest little snugglenugget ever? We met him this weekend while in Fresno, visiting Trent’s grandma for Mother’s Day. At the ripe old age of 7 weeks.

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