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It looks like this:


A completely miserable yet adorable three month old redheaded chubby cheeked baby girl, furious at me for daring to buy her mom a photo shoot for Christmas.

So, things didn’t go quite as planned in Fresno this past weekend, as you can see… However, they were awesome, all the same.

Dammit, I love this picture. It’s getting framed for the top of the piano.

And someday when she’s a teenager, she will hate us and wonder why…

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Another One For the Fam

Our special little 21st century family has grown by one – and this one actually has some of Trent’s DNA!

Meet William Bradley Babiak, our newest little cousin and geographically closest relation (along with his parents, of course; we haven’t forgotten they exist, but Will does tend to take over the room)…

"Ay yi yi! Are you sure she knows what she's doing?"

“Ay yi yi! Are you sure she knows what she’s doing?”

We can’t get enough of his cute little face and his teensy, tiny, little newborn parts. We’re so excited to have him in our lives here in the Bay Area! And if that weren’t enough, soon he’ll be joined by another relation: we’re headed to Fresno this weekend to celebrate the impending arrival of our niece and goddaughter (yes! a real niece!), but more on that soon enough…

Suffice it to say, while we’ve still chosen to remain childless ourselves, we’re more excited than ever for the proliferation of other people’s babies flooding into our lives. The Team Temple JV Squad…


I just realized someone might beg to differ with me on the “childless” part…

We have problems.

We have problems.

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We just had the most awesome weekend.

I finally met Baby Audrey! For those of you who’ve already forgotten, Baby Audrey is partly responsible for my quitting Facebook. She’s a mighty influential six-month-old.

She’s also the daughter of my college roommate, Ellen, and her husband, Chris. They’re probably the two most mellow, laid-back, awesomely chill people I know. I love hanging out with them because I constantly hope some of that will rub off on me. I don’t know if it did this weekend (I’m not really sure if it ever does, actually), but I definitely got to kiss a lot of baby cheeks.

Cheeks like THESE!!!

Audrey and Mom on Hippie Hill.

Audrey and Mom on Hippie Hill. LOOK AT THOSE CHEEKS!

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