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1st Annual

I love throwing parties!

I’m getting really good at it, too. Unfortunately, though, as my Martha Stewart skills increase, free time for documenting my handiwork while in the thick of it all seems to decline. I now need a professional photog by my side or something, capturing the action (’cause you know I need it captured)… Hmm…

Anyway, I threw a fun party on Saturday for my entire department at my house because dammit – we work really hard. And we need more parties.

And recently, my coordinator Arminder got married. So that actually gave us a legitimate excuse besides just “we need more parties” (even though we DO). Continue reading

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Yard Update: February

Sam overlooks what will soon be a sea of productive green, rather than annoying clover.

Sam overlooks what will soon be a sea of productive green, rather than annoying leprechaun barf.

This past weekend, we hacked the hell out of the weeds that overtook our backyard after our recent long-awaited bout of rain. And hopefully for the last time.

Because while we were whacking, Brett and Dave from SF Landscapes came to meet with us. We ran through the latest revision of OPERATION: New Yard, tweaking our timetables and start tasks one more time now that we’ve been graced with the presence of a little water, and I’ve come to my senses about the practicality of building a second deck (we’re doing it!). We’re awaiting our last revised estimate, and we now have a start date set at the end of March.

And that’s all that stands in the way of our dream of a backyard food forest.

The countdown to ground-breaking is on…

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Yard Update: August

When the rains stopped this year, we set out with some grand visions for 3675’s backyard.

They haven’t been realized yet, but we’ve at least turned them from “visions” into a “plan” (and damn, I love plans).


We worked with Katy and Felipe all spring and summer on this “plan” – to turn our backyard into an intelligent, sustainable, beautiful, permaculture habitat that will provide us (indeed, our whole dang neighborhood) with a wealth of food for as long as we live here, with minimal human intervention (because, let’s face it – we don’t want to work THAT hard). It’s based on our specific soil, our specific sun and wind exposure, runoff patterns on our little patch of earth. Continue reading

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Into the Forest…

Hard at work.

Hard at work.

Our food forest has officially begun. Deposit paid to our wonderful (friends and) designers and everything.

Now, I’m not gonna lie — these early stages are plain old fun. We lie in the backyard, talking a lot with Katy and Felipé about what kinds of plants we’re going to grow: where, how, and why.

Continue reading

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Operation: Kickass

We have implemented “Operation: Kick the Yard’s Ass.”

A couple weeks ago, we interviewed some landscapers, one of which we’re planning to hire in October to helps us rebuild all the extensive stonework in our yard and tackle some other taxing manual labor that we just really don’t want to do. Maybe re-sod all of our raised lawn, yada yada…

But in order to justify spending money on that, we’ve decided that we need to suck it up and clean up ALL the rest of the crap the previous ASSHOLE owners of the house left us. And believe us, though we’ve been out there working pretty much every weekend since we moved in, there’s still a lot of crap. Continue reading

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