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1st Annual

I love throwing parties!

I’m getting really good at it, too. Unfortunately, though, as my Martha Stewart skills increase, free time for documenting my handiwork while in the thick of it all seems to decline. I now need a professional photog by my side or something, capturing the action (’cause you know I need it captured)… Hmm…

Anyway, I threw a fun party on Saturday for my entire department at my house because dammit – we work really hard. And we need more parties.

And recently, my coordinator Arminder got married. So that actually gave us a legitimate excuse besides just “we need more parties” (even though we DO). Continue reading

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Life [Minus] House

For the past week, we’ve been practicing what I’m now calling “Life Minus House.”

The first week of July has historically been an important week for me, and it seems like it just gets more so as the years go by. So this year, after working our butts off for over a month straight, successfully moving, settling, changing jobs, and reaching stability with our construction projects and our leaking ceiling, we decided to pause and do other stuff. Remember stuff, celebrate stuff, and just enjoy our lives. For one full week.

(Almost one full week — I think when I get done writing this, we’ll probably go to Orchard Supply Hardware to look for some door hardware and maybe stop at Sherwin-Williams to match our good bathroom’s paint. Maybe…)

First off, I started my new job this week, and I had to get some focus around that. Week one was basically a trial by fire, but it was crazy fun and I loved it. I’m managing and curating content for the new art.com e-commerce site, and I love that I’m working on a project called “Get Inspired.” I am inspired. I AM!!!

The new art.com

Totally digging the new job.

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Bittersweet Surrender

I’ve just finished off my last full week at Chabot Space & Science Center. Said my last “TGIF!” to the crew.

I had a really great day today, and it’s hard to believe that Wednesday is my last day. I just really love this place and our mission to “change the world!” It’s an awesome feeling to go to work, and to chant that to little kids…

I really like my coworkers, too; I’m gonna miss them. I hope they’ll still get drunk and play cornhole with me when I don’t work here anymore…

BBQ for my coworker Leah's birthday.

Gettin’ crunk Oakland-style for my coworker Leah’s birthday last weekend.

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Yard Is Where The Heart Is

We went to Fresno this weekend: that great mecca of tract housing and mini malls.

I LOVE Fresno. So much so that I call it FresYES. I grew up in the Midwest — in the suburbs of Detroit’s West Side. And although I wouldn’t outright call myself a fan of tract housing and mini malls, I’m sort of from the place where those things were invented. And so whenever I enter the perfectly symmetrical Fresno city grid, I can’t help but feel a little intoxicated.

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