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Post-Script: Mardi Gras

By now you might be wondering if Team Mardi Gras Cheesaversary 4-0 survived the madness or not.

Showing off our booty from the King of Rex parade.

Showing off our booty from the King of Rex parade.

The answer is, YES. Yes, we did. But the far greater feat was surviving the COLD.

Not joking, people! Bitterly cold, in Louisiana. It was a Michigan-style Mardi Gras for those two Detroiters up there, for real. It seems climate change may be out to thwart Mardi Gras, making us even more glad we crossed this one off our bucket lists sooner rather than later. Trying to catch beads while your hand is literally frozen to your beer can is a bit of a challenge… Continue reading

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Bright + Shiny

I made an executive decision.

One second honeymoon/light at the end of the tunnel is not enough. Mexican beach Christmas be damned – I need more light.

You know what’s REALLY bright and shiny?




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Birthday Boy(s)

It’s birthday week here at the Temple household. Sammy and Trent both turned a year older, just one day apart: my Scorpio men.

Sam’s big day was spent at daycare with his puppy buds, followed by an evening meal of chilli and mozzarella cheese with a giant bully stick for dessert. Oh – and a squeaky stuffed avocado on the side. What – you didn’t think I’d forget the veggies, did you?


With the pit still in, to keep it fresh!

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Second Job


If travel agents still had any hope of gainful full-time employment, I’d be changing jobs right now.

I just planned a two-week trip to Sicily for 9 people featuring…

  • Coordinated airfare from three different departure cities
  • An itinerary with five stops
  • Two private villa rentals
  • Private transportation everywhere on the island

In one week flat. Booked and paid for. For almost $1500 less per person than everyone budgeted. Continue reading

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So I’ve been on a rampage of brilliant ideas on the innerwebs lately; I’m not gonna lie. My 35th year has really brought about a high tide of digital creative juices. Especially when it comes to hashtagging.

Along with introducing the world to the fabulous #cleanplateclub a few months ago, I’ve now introduced it to the even more fabulous…


That’s right. I’ve been rollin’ this baby out for a while, but it’s picking up momentum. And this weekend, while celebrating my dear friend Carla’s birthday with her in the adorable little gold country town of Murphys in the Sierra Nevada foothills, we took the best snap yet of her infamous “surprise face”… Continue reading

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