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All week I’ve wanted to write a post here. I wanted to have my nice quiet few hours where I sit and reflect on my life and capture something of worth here for my family, and for my future self.

But I didn’t get it. I didn’t get it because 60-hour work weeks are my norm now. And I live in a city so packed with people and problems that it takes me two hours – yes, two HOURS – to commute 14 miles HOME from my job when I’m finally able to leave it.  Continue reading

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Water Worries

We’re coming to the end of a dry, dry summer here in California, and recently I went in to a panic about our ongoing drought (three years and counting now since we had real rain!).

I may or may not have suggested Team Temple begin a five-year countdown to OPERATION: EXODUS. I may or may not have suggested we start job hunting in Seattle. I may or may not have done some real estate dumpster diving back home in Detroit. I may or may not have ruined my coworkers’ nights with droughtpocalypse nightmares. I’m fairly certain I’m really unpopular around the office right now.

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Happy New Year (with whiskey) from Dallas, TX! That's where we partied, BTW.

Happy New Year (with whiskey) from Dallas, TX! That’s where we partied, BTW.

I just said to Trent (again), “Can you believe it’s freakin’ 2014?!?!?!”

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