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I spent this past weekend in Yosemite National Park, on a much needed “recharge.”

View from our balcony over the Merced outside the entrance to Yosemite, 3.14.

View from our balcony over the Merced outside the entrance to Yosemite, 3.14.

Like the early spring Merced River, filling back up with water after the thaw and blasting over the park’s granite cliffs, I’ve been in desperate need of a fresh supply of my life-giving essentials to move me into the next phase of my existence. Those essentials are basically sleep, beer, nature, and friends. And I got a whole lot of them this weekend. Continue reading

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The New Skin

It’s now clear that one of my toughest life chapters has been unfolding over the course of the past six months. The cumulative effect of this now half year of horrible job stress, family illness, worry too big for my own good, and general life uncertainty as I near middle age has been, well…

Cumulative. Crap. Cumulative crap.

I’m certainly aware that things could get worse – they have been worse, which is why I’m not willing to deem this the worst chapter. I learned way too early in life not to tempt the universe like that.

But it’s definitely been rough; rough in a way I haven’t experienced in a while. Continue reading

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So I’ve been on a rampage of brilliant ideas on the innerwebs lately; I’m not gonna lie. My 35th year has really brought about a high tide of digital creative juices. Especially when it comes to hashtagging.

Along with introducing the world to the fabulous #cleanplateclub a few months ago, I’ve now introduced it to the even more fabulous…


That’s right. I’ve been rollin’ this baby out for a while, but it’s picking up momentum. And this weekend, while celebrating my dear friend Carla’s birthday with her in the adorable little gold country town of Murphys in the Sierra Nevada foothills, we took the best snap yet of her infamous “surprise face”… Continue reading

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This Will Always Be The Place

WARNING: Epic stuff coming up here!

I’ve got the goods for my Detroit trip blog now. It’s no small task for me to blog about going home, because it’s always a multi-layered story.

Everyone knows I live with a constant pang of homesickness; it’s not easy to leave a place like Detroit and move to the Bay Area (yes, you read that right). Even though I met the love of my life here, I built a great career, I’ve fallen in love with the landscape, and I’ve made a slate of awesome friends. I am still — yep — homesick.

This beautiful place I live in is still not the ugly place I came from — no place is. And I’m sure lots of people think no place is like their hometown, for better or worse, but really — NO place on earth is like Detroit. Yet. Continue reading

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