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Lessons for a New Year

We just returned from two weeks on the road around northern California and Nevada, and I thought I’d share the highlights of this journey in bite-sized nuggets of wisdom, easily applied to your own life as you venture forward into a new year. Because I’m thoughtful like that. And way too fond of my own opinion.

But first off, big ups to Art.com for giving me the time off between Christmas and New Year’s, paid. Company holiday — holla! I was off for 12 days straight. Ahhhhhh.

Here goes!

LESSON 1: Technology really is doing less for us all than we think, so unplug as often as you can.

Christmas morning snow at Lake Almanor.

What they call a “White Christmas.”

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Come and Get It…

Sam taunting me with his ball in Joauin Miller Park.

I'd love to see you try to get it from me with a cell phone blocking your line of vision, you stupid human...

Introducing my new blog category: snippets. In which I will post one photo that I absolutely have to share, immediately upon taking it, along with a few thoughts.

The thoughts related to this one, being…

  1. My dog cracks me the EFF UP.
  2. He’s like a cross between the dog versions of Jesse Owens and Micky Ward.
  3. There’s absolutely no reason he hangs out with me other than that he REALLY loves me, because I must seem so very slow and boring to him. A total buzzkill. This makes me: a.) sad that I’m inferior to a dog, but b.) happy that I’m so unconditionally loved.

Why do people have cats again?

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