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Big 4-0

View on 40…

I’m 40!!!

And I love it.

I love my new age. My new “credentials”. I slipped over the hill and I just breathed a big sigh of relief…

I made it. And I have fully embraced my new identity. It feels great.  Continue reading

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Inched another step closer to the big 4-0 this week! YEEHAW!

OMG. 38.

OMG. 38.

But actually, it felt good. I know that sounds very unlike me, but – I’m not joking.  Continue reading

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Winter wonderland...

Winter wonderland…

Sigh. Shutdown is over.

It’s a bitter pill to swallow, but I’m personally ready to get on with the new year. It was great having two weeks off and all, but to be honest it finished off a tad more eventful than I think either Trent or I were anticipating. Continue reading

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Christmas 2015

One year ago today, Trent and I were lying poolside at our luxury all-inclusive resort in Cabo San Lucas.

At some point, we managed to rally, put actual clothes on, gorge ourselves on sushi, and stroll out to the beach, where we watched the sun set beside El Arco and toasted the whole “Christmas” thing with some cold Modelos. I think we might have even taken a walk into town afterward for some tequila and late night tacos?

Christmas morning in Cabo, 2014.

Christmas morning in Cabo, 2014.

Continue reading

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37! Oy vey. I am 37 years old.


My most recent birthday arrived a few days ago, on June 2nd. Am I ready for the final 3-2-1 countdown to 40? I don’t really know.

In a way, it terrifies me. I have a 20th year high school reunion staring me down now. Like, 20 years ago this month I was getting my senior pictures taken for good old Northville High…

Just one of my MANY senior photos. Yep – talk about oy vey.

Just one of my MANY senior photos. Yep – talk about oy vey.


HOW CAN THAT BEEEEEE???!!! Continue reading

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