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First Days

Today was Trent’s first day at his big NEW JOB.

The last time he changed jobs, I took this adorable picture of him…

Backpack strapped on, all ready to go to work in the morning. Full of excitement. He looked so much like a smiling school boy – it was almost too much for my heart. For a second there, I could almost identify with “parents”…

Anyway, I had to do it again this year, four years later… Continue reading

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Onwards and Upwards

In a swirl of colorful, oddly captivating and sometimes downright disturbing art, Trenton Temple is leaving his job as Art Director of Juxtapoz Magazine.

So much colorful stuff on my coffee table through the years...

So much colorful stuff on my coffee table through the years…

Eight years with High Speed Productions – five of them spent primarily on Thrasher, these past three, directing Jux – come to an end on Thursday. Today, Trent took Sammy to work with him for the last time, and Sammy barked at all the gnarly old skateboarders and got his final licks of blood off the pavement at the meatpacking plant next door.

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Life [Minus] House

For the past week, we’ve been practicing what I’m now calling “Life Minus House.”

The first week of July has historically been an important week for me, and it seems like it just gets more so as the years go by. So this year, after working our butts off for over a month straight, successfully moving, settling, changing jobs, and reaching stability with our construction projects and our leaking ceiling, we decided to pause and do other stuff. Remember stuff, celebrate stuff, and just enjoy our lives. For one full week.

(Almost one full week — I think when I get done writing this, we’ll probably go to Orchard Supply Hardware to look for some door hardware and maybe stop at Sherwin-Williams to match our good bathroom’s paint. Maybe…)

First off, I started my new job this week, and I had to get some focus around that. Week one was basically a trial by fire, but it was crazy fun and I loved it. I’m managing and curating content for the new art.com e-commerce site, and I love that I’m working on a project called “Get Inspired.” I am inspired. I AM!!!

The new art.com

Totally digging the new job.

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