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Chronic Creationism

I gave birth to a special baby this weekend. I named it Adobe Career Bootcamp.


I’ve been working on it for just about exactly nine months now (but honestly, I could have planned its arrival a little better; not gonna lie). Still, I test drove it in-utero while at Adobe MAX earlier this month, and I knew it would be a special addition to the world… Continue reading

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Cheesy Gras

One week until I'm eating hangover food NOLA style, like these brie fries from Baie Rouge.

One week until I’m eating hangover food NOLA style, like these brie fries from Baie Rouge.

It’s officially ONE WEEK until MARDI GRAS!

I have to admit, I got a little nervous this past weekend, thinking I juuust miiiggghhht have set myself up for such an epically off-the-charts cheestastic Remissaversary celebration… I actually started to doubt whether I’d be up for it. I actually got a little AFRAID of my own Remissaversary plan. Continue reading

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This weekend, I celebrated my eighth remission anniversary from multiple sclerosis.

I did it in the same grand, cheesy style I always do. Only this time, I went a step further. I organized a group excursion to one of my favorite cities in America – a town I formerly called home, and birthplace of some fabulously lactose-laden gut bombs…

Second City, first-rate pizza.

Second City, first-rate pizza.

Chicago. Continue reading

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For the Love of Cheese


Memories of cheese: 2013.

As of today, it’s one month until the best day of the year (which, let’s be honest – is actually now the best weekend of the year)…

Cheese Day.

Continue reading

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