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Trent and I are officially “those people”:

The Christmas Party People.

You know – everyone has that one friend who throws the big Christmas thing every year. The thing you can count on to keep your friendship in good standing because even if you didn’t get to see each other all year long, you’re definitely going to be at the Christmas thing.

And I LOVE being the Christmas Party People!!!

I’m not sure why, exactly, we decided to throw our first Christmas party at 3675, five years ago now… It definitely could just be because I like to party? Does there have to be another reason?  Continue reading

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New year rising...

New year rising…

We started 2017 in Joshua Tree National Park. I, personally, started it – for the most part – sick in Joshua Tree National Park.

I’ve been sicker than a dog for two weeks now. I spent my long-anticipated 2.5-week winter shutdown SICK. Sick sick sick (for the second year in a row, actually – sure hope this isn’t some kind of omen about 2017!). I worked my ass off all fall, right up until the last minute, setting a new record for submissions to the Adobe Design Achievement Awards, running the student experience at Adobe MAX, holding the first-ever Adobe Career Bootcamp, and then I finally got my break – only to be SICK.  Continue reading

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Christmas 2015

One year ago today, Trent and I were lying poolside at our luxury all-inclusive resort in Cabo San Lucas.

At some point, we managed to rally, put actual clothes on, gorge ourselves on sushi, and stroll out to the beach, where we watched the sun set beside El Arco and toasted the whole “Christmas” thing with some cold Modelos. I think we might have even taken a walk into town afterward for some tequila and late night tacos?

Christmas morning in Cabo, 2014.

Christmas morning in Cabo, 2014.

Continue reading

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The 2015 Temple Family Christmas Tree has been harvested from the earth!

We were back up at Lake Almanor for this year’s tree hunt (though we still plan to keep our tradition with Jessica and Larry and make another trip this holiday season, as long as Baby Young doesn’t decide to make her own early entrance!). As it had in years past, our quest made for the perfect excuse to get off our butts as a family the day after an extravagant Thanksgiving meal.  Continue reading

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An easy recipe for de-stressing!

An easy recipe for de-stressing!

So it’s no secret at this point that 2014 was kind of a stressball of a year. It didn’t really start out that way, but by Q4 it was almost unsafe to approach me unless you were bringing beer or puppies.

Really – lots of beer and puppies.

I can say, though, with certainty, that I now have a battle-tested strategy for regeneration after such a year. OPERATION: SECOND HONEYMOON did the trick. So well, actually, that it might have to become an annual year-end practice (especially if I continue working in eCommerce).

Here are a few words on how it works… Continue reading

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