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Feliz Navidad!

Merry Cabo Christmas to all our friends and family. We’ve been having too much fun to correspond or document very much… Or maybe it’s the tequila, making us forget our rituals…


Regardless, we apologize, but this is what we came here for. OPERATION: SECOND HONEYMOON is a success.

¡Feliz Navidad!

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Well the weather outside is frightful indeed, but the fire – if we hadn’t knocked down our chimney to be seismically safe and could still have one inside – would be so delightful indeed.

Our halls are totally decked and cozified, and we’re juuust about ready to start enjoying our holiday season.

Treeeeee! v.2014

Treeeeee! v.2014

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A Long Winter’s Nap

L >> R: Lisa, Sammy, Trent

L >> R: Lisa, Sammy, Trent

The Temples are nestled all snug in their beds over here; visions of sugarplums are dancing through our heads.

I’ve just survived what was undoubtedly the most difficult three months of work I’ve ever experienced – and that’s coming from me: I purposely go after challenging work and difficult scenarios like… like… I don’t know. Like I was my father’s daughter or something. Continue reading

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That Time of Year…

It’s that time of year again…

When I call for…


Drum roll?




10,000 imported Italian twinkle lights on 3675!

(actually, there might be 15,000 this year).

And no electrical accidents or staple gun injuries, either.

Congrats to my very own Clark. I hereby dedicate this house to the Fun Old Fashioned Temple Family Christmas, 2013 edition.

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Lessons for a New Year

We just returned from two weeks on the road around northern California and Nevada, and I thought I’d share the highlights of this journey in bite-sized nuggets of wisdom, easily applied to your own life as you venture forward into a new year. Because I’m thoughtful like that. And way too fond of my own opinion.

But first off, big ups to Art.com for giving me the time off between Christmas and New Year’s, paid. Company holiday — holla! I was off for 12 days straight. Ahhhhhh.

Here goes!

LESSON 1: Technology really is doing less for us all than we think, so unplug as often as you can.

Christmas morning snow at Lake Almanor.

What they call a “White Christmas.”

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