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Bark Beetle: The Final Chapter

At least we HOPE it’s the final chapter, seeing as we technically have no more pine trees… It better be.

Some time in mid-November, we were notified by our neighbor up in Arnold, Nick, that Mario’s Tree Service had come and cut all the trees on our property struck by bark beetle this summer.

“It doesn’t look bad at all,” said Nick.

OHHH Nick. Thanks for that, you sweet guy.

But when we arrived late this past Thursday after six weeks away – HA.

Let’s just say, there was some furious late-night raking over dirt and asphalt, and a little amateur masonry by flashlight, too.

The next morning, Nick himself had to come out and chuckle sheepishly at the remaining tree mayhem and admit…

“Yeah, it’s very un-Lisa.”

View of three giant Ponderosas, left exactly where they fell on the back of our property. Oy vey.

View of three giant Ponderosas, left exactly where they fell on the back of our property. Oy vey.

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Bark Beetle: The Transformation Begins

Life has felt like a bit of a downer lately. Have you noticed?

Old white people protesting on the corner in my neighborhood because even they're like, "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!"

Old white people protesting on the corner in my neighborhood because even they’re like, “WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!”

Come on! The airwaves are filled with racism, sexism, homophobia… Everyday there’s this wanna-be demagogue hollering poorly-articulated calls to march into the past – so we can just get more of the racism and the sexism and the homophobia, I guess.

We’ve got innocent people being murdered daily by the authorities supposedly empowered to protect us – right here in America. Global war, terror, death, children who look like this, a complete and total lack of human compassion about it all and, my favorite…

A stunningly ignorant regression in our understanding of science?

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Bark Beetle: The Saga Continues

Here’s the latest:

Our trees died. All the ponderosa pines, at least.

Three weeks after discovering bark beetles had struck our biggest pines, on the 4th of July, we came back to our cabin in Arnold to discover…

They were all dead. Already.

It happened FAST. Here we were, fancy sprinkler equipment in hand, Scot the rediscovered-childhood-friend-turned-arborist lined up to arrive at 7:00 AM on Saturday morning and start injecting the biggest and strongest of the trees with insecticide, precise watering instructions from him typed up to keep us busy for two days in preparation, alarms set, beer bought, and…

Nope. They were gone. Yellow to the tip of every needle, 120 feet high. Four of them in the front, along the road, and another seven in the back, standing so tall that we couldn’t even see they had died unless we stood out in the road and looked over our roof, and beyond the tops of our tallest cedars.

Nature said “SCREW YOU, SILLY HUMANS!” Continue reading

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2381 did not burn down.

Actually, the Butte Fire is STILL burning, but it’s now 74% contained and all evacuation orders have been lifted. The danger has passed.

Trent and I had to see for ourselves though, so after talking to our neighbor, Nick, we drove up this past Friday night after work. Skies were blue, there was nary a plume of smoke on the horizon, and the only evidence of a 70,000+ acre wildfire still smoldering a dozen miles away over the mountains were the hordes of fire trucks jammed into every lodge parking lot along Highway 4. Continue reading

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Baptism by Fire

If Labor Day was 2381’s house “warming,” this past week has been its baptism by fire.

The Butte Fire is currently raging too close to our beloved Ebbetts Pass corridor and, though the heroes of Cal Fire have done an amazing job holding it at bay, we’re having a hard time unplugging from the devastating coverage:

Please don't come any closer, mkay?

Please don’t come any closer, mkay?

The weather has turned damp, though, making the outlook sunny, and we’re hopeful our home and our new community (including the majestic giant sequoias of Calaveras Big Trees State Park just down the road from us) are going to make it.

Still can’t help but sweat when you look at a photo like that though, huh?

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