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Oh, the Humanity!

Last week I had the audacity to state here on the blog that, “You’re NEVER really done with a major renovation project.” And God or the devil or Murphy or some evil little band of leprechauns was apparently listening to me, because the next day…

Water started invading our bedroom, via the ceiling.

I learned about this while at happy hour with my coworkers, celebrating my last day of work. Needless to say, it made things far less happy. At least until Randy assured me not to freak out; they’d be back the next morning to find the source of the water.

And come back they did. But let me tell you, in the meantime, it was NOT fun to come home from happy hour to a hole in the bedroom ceiling. Renovation projects extended yet again! Continue reading

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Yard Is Where The Heart Is

We went to Fresno this weekend: that great mecca of tract housing and mini malls.

I LOVE Fresno. So much so that I call it FresYES. I grew up in the Midwest — in the suburbs of Detroit’s West Side. And although I wouldn’t outright call myself a fan of tract housing and mini malls, I’m sort of from the place where those things were invented. And so whenever I enter the perfectly symmetrical Fresno city grid, I can’t help but feel a little intoxicated.

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