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When It Rains, It Pours

One day, we’re going to look back and laugh at these days.

The fact that our two short years in the mountains have already been punctuated by (in this order) the final chapter of an epic drought, a catastrophic wildfire, an unprecedented tree mortality epidemic, and now…

A flood of biblical proportions?

Remember when we went camping at this spot?

Remember when we went camping at this spot?

Seriously, I want to laugh about this. I look damn forward to the day.  Continue reading

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Stress Visualization

So, I’m wading into uncharted waters here, as far as my stress levels are concerned. Thank god I’ve got that second honeymoon coming up.

People keep asking me how I’m doing. How I’m adjusting, handling it all, yada yada. So far my response is just, “Ohhh… I’m doing!”

In truth, closing in on two weeks in, I now see that I’ve started relying on some old coping mechanisms developed in more stressful times, way back when. Continue reading

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