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“Working on the weekend” took on a whole new meaning for me this past one.



PHEW. I’ve officially survived my first time hosting the final judging weekend of the Adobe Design Achievement Awards at Adobe’s SF office (aka, MY office). And it just so happened this year – my first year on this program – has been a record-setting year for the competition. More amazing student design submissions than ever. EVER. 5,300!!! Resulting in more SEMIFINALISTS than ever.

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1st Annual

I love throwing parties!

I’m getting really good at it, too. Unfortunately, though, as my Martha Stewart skills increase, free time for documenting my handiwork while in the thick of it all seems to decline. I now need a professional photog by my side or something, capturing the action (’cause you know I need it captured)… Hmm…

Anyway, I threw a fun party on Saturday for my entire department at my house because dammit – we work really hard. And we need more parties.

And recently, my coordinator Arminder got married. So that actually gave us a legitimate excuse besides just “we need more parties” (even though we DO). Continue reading

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Sometimes they’re sad. Sometimes they’re drunk.

Bon voyage-ing down Broadway for Anthony.

Bon voyage-ing down Broadway for Anthony.

Typically I find that when they’re drunk, they’re less sad. At least until you get to the very final moment – the moment when you really have nothing left to do but “say goodbye.” And then really, if tears do fall, you’re probably just drunk crying – does that count? I honestly love that part.

You see how useful drunkenness is?

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