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Starting Back Up



Summer Shutdown was the stuff of dreams for a whirling dervish of stressiness like me.

As I sit here on my last evening shut down, getting organized to go back to work tomorrow and “processing” all my photos and follow up from an amazing ten days at my beautiful mountain home, I’m overcome with gratitude at being forced into time off at the peak of summer, along with every other person in my company. I had not a single ounce of work stress nor worry while I was away. I got to sleep in, go off the grid into the mountains every day, ignore my phone, ignore my email, and when I finally checked back in, there was NOTHING waiting for me.  Continue reading

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The New Skin

It’s now clear that one of my toughest life chapters has been unfolding over the course of the past six months. The cumulative effect of this now half year of horrible job stress, family illness, worry too big for my own good, and general life uncertainty as I near middle age has been, well…

Cumulative. Crap. Cumulative crap.

I’m certainly aware that things could get worse – they have been worse, which is why I’m not willing to deem this the worst chapter. I learned way too early in life not to tempt the universe like that.

But it’s definitely been rough; rough in a way I haven’t experienced in a while. Continue reading

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This post is an homage. To two men in my life, neither of which is my husband (scandalous!).

The first of these men is my late father, Timothy Frank Wisniewski (how’s that for a great Polock name?):

My father and I making sand castles at Rush Lake in Michigan in 1980.

Daddy teaching me to engineer young. Rush Lake, Pinckney, Michigan, 1980.

My father was something of a genius. Almost a savant. He was a brilliant engineer: mechanical, industrial, and computer. And he was an engineer in every. sense. of. the. word. Continue reading

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