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That Time of Year…

It’s that time of year again…

When I call for…


Drum roll?




10,000 imported Italian twinkle lights on 3675!

(actually, there might be 15,000 this year).

And no electrical accidents or staple gun injuries, either.

Congrats to my very own Clark. I hereby dedicate this house to the Fun Old Fashioned Temple Family Christmas, 2013 edition.

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Museum of Us

Introducing: Where you came from.

Introducing: Where you came from.

This month, we took a giant leap forward in transforming 3675 into our dream home – what we refer to as the “Museum of Us” (not to mention, we moved forward with scheduling our new roof, removing two trees, and getting half our fence replaced).

After all, the Museum of Us is a container for, first and foremost, US. Continue reading

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Baby Steps

According to the magnolia tree in front of my house, winter in the East Bay is OVER. And unfortunately for us, only a couple days ago did I take the first step in the gargantuan project that I SWORE I would tackle over said winter:

“Decorate the house.”

I don’t really know all that “decorate” encapsulated, really, but I think I THOUGHT I would get more done than I OBVIOUSLY have.

Here’s what I did get done:



I bought a rug.

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