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Unwelcome Interruption

I was doing really well on my break from house worries…

My friend Jason has been visiting from Ohio; we’ve been bumming around, hiking, eating, drinking, looking at art and talking about sports, and generally doing nothing productive.

No house chores, no research, no planning.


Sammy spoiled it.

Spoiled it by digging up the precious grass we managed to grow from seed in the bald spot in our lawn. The grass meant to be a test environment for the groundcover strategy we’re going to formulate (god, I sound like my father).

New grass sprouting.

My precious grass babies, snapped upon their arrival: 10.18.12.

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The landscaping plan has been enacted.


It’s not going to be done soon.

I have a lot of splinters.

Trent’s back hurts.

Sammy has since pooped on everything we’ve completed.

But, so far, we’re pleased.

Check it:

Edging rolled out.

Edging. Lots of it. So much.

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