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Baby Steps

According to the magnolia tree in front of my house, winter in the East Bay is OVER. And unfortunately for us, only a couple days ago did I take the first step in the gargantuan project that I SWORE I would tackle over said winter:

“Decorate the house.”

I don’t really know all that “decorate” encapsulated, really, but I think I THOUGHT I would get more done than I OBVIOUSLY have.

Here’s what I did get done:



I bought a rug.

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Back to Business

After surviving the housewarming, we thought we might take this weekend off and do nothing. Like, maybe lay in our backyard and just enjoy it, by ourselves, for once. Really experience our house. RELAX in it.

But that would be very un-Lisa+Trent, as we’ve probably illustrated by now. So, here are some things we DID do, on our first “no-pressure-housewarming-is-over” weekend…

1. We worked on perfecting our reclaimed wood dining table.

Dining room table in progress.

Our dining room table, gettin’ worked over.

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