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A Good Night’s Sleep

That’s what I’m finally going to get, after a couple of weeks spent plagued by insomnia. Because I just got this in the mail…

We're on the books with the CEA! Phew.

We’re on the books with the CEA! Phew.

Ta da! We now officially have earthquake insurance. On top of ongoing seismic retrofit work to protect 3675, which I just kicked into gear this past week.

Now, no matter how hard Mother Nature huffs and puffs and quakes and shakes, ain’t no mother gonna blow this house down (or rather, if she does, we can now afford to rebuild).

And for all those who think earthquake insurance is a waste of money, well… Read this article, and take a look at some photos from the Northridge quake, which happened 20 years ago this week. Then tell me you don’t think it’s a good idea for me to spend $80 a month to make sure my house doesn’t end up in splinters when the Hayward fault goes off like that. Or the San Andreas.

Oh, yeah – that’s practically a mathematical certainty before my mortgage gets paid off, by the way…

Nighty night!

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Dry Rot, Dry Rot, We All Fall DOWN!

Dry rot.

If you aren’t currently the owner of a 100-year-old wood frame house, then those words don’t strike fear in your heart the way they now strike fear into ours.

We used to think dry rot was some flaky crap you scraped off the siding on your house before you repainted. We now know that dry rot is a MONSTER THAT CHEWS THROUGH YOUR DREAMS AND DEVOURS YOUR SOUL AND THEN DEPOSITS IT IN THE BACKED-UP STINKING TOILET OF HELL. Kinda like that one toilet in Trainspotting

Ewan McGregor crawling out of the toilet in the movie Trainspotting.

Yep, kinda like that.

Ha ha. I’m just kidding. It’s not that bad.


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Black Line of Death!

I panicked yesterday.

This actually happens to me a lot because, simply put, I have access to too much information in my daily life. I’ve always worked in the museum world, in an educational capacity, surrounded by scholars, artists, scientists, historians — really smart people. It’s been one of the best things about my life but also, at times, one of my biggest stumbling blocks.

You see, I’m a huge worrywort. Sometimes it’s better if I just don’t know certain things. Once I learn something, I can’t UNlearn it. I can’t pretend I don’t know what I know — I’m not that kind of person. I can’t NOT do anything about something that needs something done about it. You see? Continue reading

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