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The Great Family Vacation

I was in love with the movie “The Great Outdoors” growing up.

“How about the gourmet here?!”

It was right up there with “Vacation” in terms of how it spoke to my family’s epic DIY vacations in the 80s. While Chevy Chase’s “Clark Griswold” nailed my father so much so that we’re still calling him that, 35 years after Vacation debuted (they even looked alike, for crying out loud)… Continue reading

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2381 did not burn down.

Actually, the Butte Fire is STILL burning, but it’s now 74% contained and all evacuation orders have been lifted. The danger has passed.

Trent and I had to see for ourselves though, so after talking to our neighbor, Nick, we drove up this past Friday night after work. Skies were blue, there was nary a plume of smoke on the horizon, and the only evidence of a 70,000+ acre wildfire still smoldering a dozen miles away over the mountains were the hordes of fire trucks jammed into every lodge parking lot along Highway 4. Continue reading

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Baptism by Fire

If Labor Day was 2381’s house “warming,” this past week has been its baptism by fire.

The Butte Fire is currently raging too close to our beloved Ebbetts Pass corridor and, though the heroes of Cal Fire have done an amazing job holding it at bay, we’re having a hard time unplugging from the devastating coverage:

Please don't come any closer, mkay?

Please don’t come any closer, mkay?

The weather has turned damp, though, making the outlook sunny, and we’re hopeful our home and our new community (including the majestic giant sequoias of Calaveras Big Trees State Park just down the road from us) are going to make it.

Still can’t help but sweat when you look at a photo like that though, huh?

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